Berlin 2022

Conference History

The 5th edition of the World Conference on Teaching and Education – WORLDCTE – took place on December 08-10 in a beautiful Central European City – Berlin, Germany.

Virtual Session

Author Affiliation Article Title
education conference Prof. Dr.Oswaldo Lorenzo Quiles Universidad de Granada, Spain Creation of technological instruments for monitoring the training and satisfaction of students and graduates of the Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education.

ICT innovation and follow-up of education graduates

education conference Dr.Rebecka Maxkenzie University of San Francisco, USA Resilience in Isolation: Experiences of New Teachers During COVID-19 in a Northern California School District
education conference Dr.Rania Muhammad Qassrawi Birzeit University, Palestine, State of Education 3.0 Underpinned with the Heutagogical Approach for a Smooth Shift to Distance Learning in Higher Education
education conference Dr.Haya Fayyad Abuhussein Birzeit University, Palestine, State of EFL Teachers’ Identity Transformation during Online Teaching
education conference Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pragasit Sitthitikul Thammasat University, Thailand Exploring the New Normal Practices in Thai University EFL Classrooms: Voices of the Teachers and Students
education conference Prof. Dr.Avraam Sachpatzidis University of Western Macedonia, Greece The necessity of Audio Visuals in Adult Education – An empirical study in Second Chance Schools
education conference Dr.Hana Albadou Passion Univeristy, Jordan Training Translation Students Using Virtual Training Post-COVID-19
education conference Dr.Deborah Olufunmilayo Makinde Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria A review of teaching permutation using Play way method
education conference Dr.Hana Albadou Passion Univeristy, Jordan The Attitudes of Arab Learners toward Learning English Language from YouTube Channels
education conference Prof. Dr.Valentina Canese Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay Integration of ICT tools by Secondary School Teachers in Paraguay
education conference Dr.Olusegun Ademolu Ajigini The Independent Institute of Education, South Africa Adoption of Internet of Things in the Higher Educational Institutions: Perspectives from South Africa
Dr.Siphamandla Mncube University of South Africa Open educational resources as the panacea for decolonisation of e-learning contents
education conference Dr.Lýdia Simanová Faculty of Education Matej Bel University, Slovakia Foreign Language Teaching in the Dynamics of Curricular Changes in Pre-primary and Primary Education in Slovakia
education conference Dr. Zakaria Ikhwan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia How to Organize a Well-Structured STEM Enrichment Program
education conference Dr.Mabel Julia Mabalane University of the Witwatersrand (WITS University), South Africa Developing Physical Science Teachers’ Conceptual Understanding of Electromagnetic Theory by Means of Hands-on and Virtual Experiments
education conference Dr.Adam Christopher Atomi University, Japan Overcoming Online Teaching and Learning Challenges in the Japanese Context
Dr. Nicole Messi Università degli Studi di Torino, Italy Promoting shared academic paths through the university alliances: a survey for the investigation of teachers’ training needs.
education conference Prof. Dr.Khatija BiBi Khan University of South Africa Linguistic re-configuration through the WhatsApp social media platform: The African renaissance
education conference Dr.Ahmed M. Hassanein Aramco, Saudi Arabia The impacts of the content of science and math Curricula of Saudi Arabia Intermediate Schools
education conference Dr.Olusegun Ademolu Ajigini The Independent Institute of Education, South Africa A Model for the Protection of Cybersecurity Threats in Organizations
education conference Dr.Jasim Saeed Salman University of Al-Ameede, Iraq Investigation of the Educational Environment for Middle Schools in Iraq Running head: Educational Environment
education conference Prof. Dr.Marija Javornik Faculty of Arts, Slovenia The Impact of Education and Cultural Participation on Vaccine Attitudes among the Slovenian Public

Teacher’s facing with interculturality and the role of school counsellor

education conference Dr.Viorelia Lungu Technical University of Moldova Learning and adapting to change for students – pedagogical profile
education conference Dr.Mohd Hilmi Hasan Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia Analytical Tracking of Teaching and Learning Performance Dashboard using Educational Mining Approach
education conference Dr.Hana Albado Passion University, Jordan An analysis of the Jordanian EFL Teachers’ attitudes towards Inclusive Education and its Effect on the Students at Alzaatari Camp for Syrian Refugees
education conference Dr.Nilobon Vongpattaranon Kasetsart University, Thailand One-Wan Musical in Museum: A New Normal of Theatre Experiential Practice in the COVID-19 Era.
education conference Dr. Bryan Coyne Faculty of Business & Social Science, Atlantic Technological University, Sligo, Ireland An exploration of stakeholder perspectives on the
modern degree Apprenticeship model
education conference Dr.Irina Bocianu University of Bucharest, Romania How cognitive load theory impacts learning ESP

Teaching business English – technologically enhanced project-based approach

education conference Mr.Maliamungu Habib Uthuman Islamic University In Uganda The Challenges and Lessons from Refugees in West Nile, Uganda; An Assessment of Uganda’s Devolved Education Policy on Education Emergency Response for Violence-Affected Population
education conference Ms.Nazeema Ahmed University of Cape Town, South Africa Efficacy of a student peer mentoring program at a South African higher education institution
education conference Mr.Thomas Barlebo Frøsig Université cote d’azur, Germany Expanding the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to consider teachers needs and concerns in the design of Educational Technology (EdTAM)
Mr.Adrian Estrela Pereira Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary Learning Outcomes and Social Emotional Competences: A Cross-Feeding Relationship to Promote Meaningful Learning Experiences
education conference Mrs.Florencia Yaque CeRP del Litoral Salto, Uruguay Out of sight, not out of mind
Ms.Min Hae Song Seoul National University, South Korea Measuring Collaborative Problem Solving Capability Using Peer Assessment
education conference Mr.Tawia Iddrisu Frimpong University of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa The extent Grade 9 teachers engage with learners’ errors in the teaching of mathematics.
Ms.Ann Mary George christ university, India Teaching and Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Qualitative Study on School Teachers in Bengaluru, Karnataka (India)
education conference Ms.Clodagh Caslin ATU, Ireland Progression Pathways to Higher education