Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

education conference

Dr. Kedmon Hungwe

Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences Michigan Technological University Houghton, MICHIGAN, US

Proposed Topic:

Educating for the future: Emerging opportunities and challenges for science teachers.

Dr. Kedmon Hungwe is currently Professor of Cognitive and Learning Sciences  in the Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences at Michigan Technological University. He was previously affiliated with the University of Zimbabwe where he served as a Senior Lecturer in Educational Communications and Technology. Additionally, he has extensive experience  in science and mathematics education and has designed, implemented and evaluated many projects  in the USA and Zimbabwe. His teaching portfolio has covered the areas of teacher education, instructional technology,  and  psychology.

One strand of Dr. Hungwe’s research has focused on the development of spatial visualization in relation to STEM education, cognitive studies of work, and learning and instruction. He has   presented  in a wide range of national and international forums. His work has appeared in leading journals in psychology, education, and media, including Mind, Culture and Activity, Journal of Adult Development, Journal of Curriculum Studies, Media Culture and Society, Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, and the Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television. More recently Dr. Hungwe has initiated research on children and youth. He is a contributing author to four  Zimbabwean secondary school science textbooks that have been cited as exemplary by the USAID and the World Bank.  Dr. Hungwe has also served on professional panels of the National Science Foundation, the Michigan Department of Education, and the American Psychological Association Panel on Women with Disabilities in STEM Education (WWDSE).