WORLDCTE Conference History

Since 2019, the World Conference on Teaching and Education has been conducted in multiple editions across various cities including Los Angeles, Berlin, Oxford, Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. Participants from diverse nations such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Croatia, New Zealand, Georgia, Canada, Slovakia, Hong Kong, and Kazakhstan have attended these conferences.

Each conference has boasted captivating keynote speakers and offered attendees the opportunity to explore the host city through complimentary city tours. Moreover, the conferences have served as platforms for the exchange and dissemination of knowledge among participants.

To accommodate diverse needs, various registration types and fees have been offered. Furthermore, registered individuals have been awarded attendance and presentation certificates as acknowledgments of their contributions.

The success of each conference round has been evident, with robust participation and positive feedback from attendees. Accepted and registered papers have been subsequently published in Conference Proceedings, each assigned an ISBN Number, thereby adding to their academic significance.

The Education and Teaching Conference 2024 stands as an imperative event on the global academic calendar, offering a unique opportunity for educators and scholars alike.